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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

Maybe some day I'll finish my vacation blogs.

I participated in National Novel Writing Month again this year. Every time I do it's different. Each story has its own way of coming into being. Each month has its own real life events interfere with the writing.

This year, interference was run primarily by The Day Job. My manager left the company about half way through November and it had a much bigger impact on my daily tasks than I expected. I didn't get to write on my breaks; half the time I didn't even get my breaks!

I fell farther behind in word count than in any of the previous eight times I actually made 50K.

So what's a NaNo veteran to do? Buckle down and write!

My characters cooperated. I owe them chocolate or booze or something.

The final Friday of November I wrote 6111 words. Saturday 6202. Sunday, Nov 29, another 5472 to bring my word count to 50002! 17785 words in three days is a personal record, one I hope not to approach again while still working full time.

(I had to finish on Sunday because the Monday after Thanksgiving is probably the busiest day of the year at work for me and my team. That meant no NaNo words would happen.)

When I validated, the lovely NaNo Word Count Bots gave me an additional 215 words gratis. If I haven't said it before, I now declare my love for the NaNo Word Count Bots.

If you want to see a graphic representation of my November, it's HERE. It's a graph! Like Science!


Cathy Valenti said...

I'm so impressed with that word count - you must have dreamt about words in your sleep!

Kat said...

I dreamed the story that Saturday night, and I rarely dream what I'm writing. Monday I felt like I had no words!
I do not recommend this approach to NaNo.